360 Total Security Key Download For Free [April 2023]

360 total security key download

A feature-rich software solution that provides users with a powerful antivirus, an antispam cleaner, and a system enhancement tool all in one interface.

360 Total Security is an anti-virus application that includes an anti-virus scanner, a cleaning tool and a launcher, all beautifully packaged with an intuitive graphical interface.

360 Total Security runs on three different engines

When you run the utility for the first time, you should give it time to carefully analyze the condition of your PC to determine the area that needs improvement.

You can then run the antivirus scan, choosing between full, quick and customizable scans. Once the scan is complete, 360 Total Security displays a detailed list with all the threats detected, and you can specify what action to take.

If you are sure that a suspicious file is safe, you can mark it as trustworthy and the application will no longer mark it in the future. Otherwise, all detected files will be moved to quarantine.

Effortlessly delete unnecessary files from your computer and free up disk space

Another handy feature of 360 Total Security is to search for obsolete files and folders on your computer that are not allowing it to run at full speed.

Once the specified files have been identified, you can select the ones you want to keep and then delete the rest, freeing up hard drive space and improving PC performance.

Increase boot speed and disable unnecessary autorun items

You can rely on 360 Total Security when you want to investigate the applications that run when Windows starts up. You can also view scheduled tasks, application services and system services and disable those you consider unnecessary.

The application displays several tips regarding entries so as not to jeopardize the stability of your system.

All in all, 360 Total Security 2023 is a reliable solution that can keep malware at bay while also cleaning your PC of unnecessary data and increasing its speed.

360 Total Security in Russian:

As for activating the full license essential and premium, we need 360 total security activation keys, which can be downloaded below.

The keys themselves (updated 12.01.2023):



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