Bulk Whatsapp Sender Crack Full Version Download [April 2023]

Whats Bulk Sender Overview

Whats Bulk Sender – mass marketing | messaging app | toolkit for WhatsApp | WA for business * Send mass messages to your customers without the drawbacks of broadcasting. No restrictions.* Attach any files* Ability to send WhatsApp messages without saving a contact number.* Extract contact numbers from your WhatsApp groups.* No subscription fee, just a one-time lifetime purchase fee and free updates.* Personalized messages / name addressed mass message (named template)* Customized messages from Excel* Scheduled messages* Premium WhatsApp technical support.Contact us on WhatsApp (+919188997211) to solve any problem. You can also use the “Contact Us” option in the app.Shorter+ No need to get API approval+ Can send promotional messages+ No need to approve message templates before sending+ Can be used for business or personal use+ Easy setup+ No server, we do not store any data on any server. Your privacy and data are protected.+ No annoying ads.+ Send to Unknown numbers.+ Bulk sending from Excel using xlsx file.+ Manage your contact book and select a contact to send messages.+ Create groups of contacts to send bulk messages.+ With version 1.1.1 added powerful image editor+ Automatically extract contacts from WhatsApp groups from version 1.4.2+ Targeted bulk messages addressed to individual names / template with customizable name+ Auto unsubscribe option+ Unlimited Send messages with just a few clicks.Send messages to all your customers in seconds. Connect to your customers daily through a platform they love with ease.2. Import all your contacts directly.You can import an unlimited number of contact numbers using the Excel import option. From now on, you don’t need to save numbers.There’s also the option to create a campaign manually.3. Send named messages to your customers.Yes, you can now send bulk messages with your customers’ names addressing them. This way, it will be an individual message to your customers, addressed to them.4. Group your contacts into campaigns.Group your contacts as campaigns with campaign names. In your phone, all contacts will be automatically imported under the group name, which is the campaign name.5. Send quick WhatsApp messages.Send WhatsApp messages to unknown contacts. No need to save the number on your phone.6. Extract contact numbers from WhatsApp groups. Send unlimited messages to all contacts in your WhatsApp groups.7. Unlimited custom messages / your own signature. You can create any number of custom messages / signature messages and save them under an easily recognizable name. While in the message formation screen, you can insert a signature.8. custom messages from Excel. From the V2 message sender screen, you have the ability to customize messages where you can export a campaign, then re-import it with customizable messages for each contact and send them in bulk.9. Scheduled Messages. You have a scheduled message feature that can be found on the V2 message sender screen.10. Auto unsubscribe option. You can check the checkbox for automatic unsubscribe option, when a customer wants to unsubscribe, they can just reply with “UNSUBSCRIBE” work so the customer will not receive any further messages from you, which will reduce the spam messages.11.With the powerful image editor, you can customize images before sending.You can brush on the image, add text, color it, filter the image … The possibilities are endless.You can send the edited image to a mass mailing campaign. Or you can send directly to WhatsApp, Facebook or any other medium for further forwarding.Disclaimer: Whats Bulk Sender is created by scs technolabs and is not affiliated with WhatsApp LLC.

About Whats Bulk Sender Mod APK:

Whats Bulk Sender Mod Apk is a 100% working android mod app that works very well. This mod game has been downloaded by 0 plays around the world. The version for Whats Bulk Sender Mod APK is 1.8.7. The size of Whats Bulk Sender Mod Apk is 13M. As we know, Whats Bulk Sender is developed by Scs Technolabs.If you want to play Whats Bulk Sender on android with unlimited money. Download and install Whats Bulk Sender Mod Apk game mod on this site.

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