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Battle Realms

Battle Realms offers the gamer to revive the former power of Japan and rebuild a mighty state. The main character, a guy named Kenji, witnesses the attack of a militant squad on civilians. At this point, you can predetermine the side for which the gamer will be in the story, the Dragon clan (good) or Snake (evil). There are also the factions Wolf (barbarians) and Lotus (similar to the undead), not available for selection in the main storyline.

Battle Realms modes:

  • Campaign – A story part in which the player chooses a light or dark side, builds buildings or recaptures territory, and accumulates Yang or Yin points;
  • Battles, (you can choose not 2, but 4 clans) customizable mode, which specifies the type of city, the size of an army, the number of resources and horses. To perform such missions as Survival (play to the last living unit), Hunger (passing with a limited amount of rice), Destruction (need to conquer enemy locations), Destruction of the fortress (to capture the enemy settlement) are open.

Initially, the player is given a small group of peasants and an open area to build. There are only two resources in this strategy – water and rice. To gather water, you only need to send your units to a reservoir or build wells. To harvest rice, the field must be irrigated, and new sprouts in the cultivated area do not appear immediately. Peasants can be trained in military craft, for this you will need a certain building. The first level of the Dragon army are Spearmen, Alchemists and Archers, which can be upgraded to Dragon Warriors, Kabuki or Bombardiers. The highest level of army development is the Samurai. Additionally, units can be taught magic or special combat techniques by saving karma points.

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