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AnyDesk Version: 7.1.9 Overview

AnyDesk is an easy-to-use application for remote access and management of Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. A convenient solution for remote desktop administration, free for personal use

AnyDesk is a powerful software solution that is designed to provide alternative ways to access your computer remotely and allow you to work with various files and documents remotely.

Organize remote management of one or more computers with minimal effort, regardless of your location with a user-friendly and efficient application.

The portable installer allows you to work even without administrator rights. For personal occasional use, the AnyDesk app is free.

Key features of AnyDesk

Simple and intuitive interface

The utility has a very practical and easy to understand interface, which makes it accessible to users of all skill levels.

The main window allows you to connect to another machine running a copy of AnyDesk simply by putting the appropriate address in the “Other Workplace” field.

Connect quickly to one or more remote computers

The application aims to help users connect to a home computer at work or vice versa, allowing easy access to the documents they need, anywhere at any time. For security reasons, AnyDesk does not include file sharing and transfer functions.

Nevertheless, the utility allows you to exchange the contents of the clipboard between two machines, which makes it easy to copy and paste information. Similarly, the program allows you to capture images from the screen of a connected computer and save them to your computer desktop in PNG format.

AnyDesk supports unsupervised access, which makes it possible to connect to the target computer without the need for confirmation on the other side. This requires setting up a password to prevent unauthorized connections.

For each connection, the user can enable or disable a set of permissions, such as the ability to hear the output sound, control and lock the keyboard and mouse, or access the clipboard. In addition, various display settings can be configured.


With TLS 1.2, AnyDesk provides the same security technology used in online banking. There is encrypted authorization between both participants in the connection. The AnyDesk ID is thus protected against tampering. The executable file itself is protected from exposure.

A Handy Remote Access Tool

All in all, AnyDesk is a handy and reliable tool that can successfully establish a remote connection to other computers, allowing you to access and control the target computer with a minimum of effort.


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