FPS Monitor Crack Download For Free [April 2023]

FPS Monitor

FPS Monitor is a powerful tool for monitoring your computer’s performance during the game. The information is collected from many sensors and is highly accurate. Will show the load on each core separately, the video card and even the network. Download FPS Monitor with an activation key, you can at the end of the text.


The program has a lot of features. Serves to collect and analyze system resources. Polls a huge number of sensors in the computer, and displays readings directly on the screen. It is worth noting the low consumption of resources with a wide range of functions, which can not boast analogues. A more detailed description of the features can be found below.

Resource Monitoring

Shows the current FPS and its minimum and average values. Displays the load on the system nodes and their temperature. Even informs about the rotation speed of the fans. There is an overheat warning system, especially suitable for laptop owners.

Disk space

There is information about the loading of RAM, how much the swap file is used and the speed of reading data from the hard drive.


The application allows you to collect statistics for the required period of time, with subsequent recording to your hard drive for further analysis. This will allow you to perform an in-depth analysis of your system and identify shortcomings to be eliminated.

Flexible interface

Ability to disable sensors that are not of interest. Creation of presets, to get the desired parameters at a certain moment of time, it is also possible to switch between them. Availability of hot keys will add usability, especially for keyboard virtuosos. Automatic resizing of overlay to the necessary resolution, so you do not think about the size, and just use the program.

Additional features

Additional features include the correct work with any version of DirectX, as well as OpenGL. Function for creating screenshots. Application minimization in the tray. Regular updates, unlike other similar projects which have long been abandoned.

How to use

When you start the program, on the left side of the window, you will see a standard preset. By right-clicking on the set of parameters that are already on the screen, you can go into edit mode to fine-tune the settings. To create a preset, click on the scene button on the top panel and click on the “New Scene” button. Going to the alert settings, you can see the flexible setup of alerts. It is enough to specify the desired range of values and select the text color in the overlay, and then the desired information will change color in real time.


The program is already activated and does not require extra steps for activation. Simply download and go to use.



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