MalwareByte License Key Download For Free [April 2023]

ByteFence Anti-Malware Pro + license key

ByteFence Anti-Malware is an anti-malware solution for your computer. Taking care of your computer security is directly related to disarming viruses and other malicious programs that can cause it irreparable damage. Protect your PC from all Internet threats, spyware, worms and Trojans. This is an application that gives a whole new level of protection in free or paid versions, depending on your needs.

Your computer is at risk – use ByteFence. The specified program, offers a powerful work in order to detect the most dangerous computer parasites. At the same time, running the utility and checking files for viruses and Trojans is free for home use. A paid version has also been developed, the main difference of which is the constant protection of your PC in real time. By the way, the key for the Pro version comes with the program. Regardless of the presence of this module, the program performs the following functions:

Features of ByteFence Anti-Malware Pro

– Correctly works in conjunction with all modern versions of Windows, including “ten”.

– Conducts a quick scan.

– Checks all disks as well as individual files or directories.

– In suspicious cases, it sends the detected files to quarantine and restore them at a later time.

– Its settings are flexible. You can create a list of applications or files that ByteFence Anti-Malware should ignore.

– Works without conflicts with other anti-viruses already installed.

– Allows manual removal of malware if necessary.

– Has a russified version.

– Fights not only dangerous programs, but also removes pop-up ads that can redirect the user to dubious sites.

The manufacturer recommends purchasing the full version of the utility after a free trial, which will protect your computer at all times while you work. Nevertheless, the free version allows you to cope with spyware, trojans and other computer trash just as effectively with regular checks of disks and directories. Once installed, the application supports launching from the command line, which makes it very easy to use even for novice users.

Installing the program: step-by-step instructions and helpful comments

To get started with ByteFence Anti-Malware, no complicated steps are required. It is sufficient to follow the following installation flowchart:

– Choose to download ByteFence from our website.

– Once the file is fully downloaded, click on the bottom right window.

– Choose a folder to record.

– In the window that opens you will see a security warning and an invitation to run the specified program and a request for permission to make changes on your PC.

– The installation procedure starts by itself after your confirmation. If you are satisfied with the settings in the opened window, click “Finish” after installation.

After these actions, you will be able to run the test or purchase the full version of the program with real-time protection. In most cases the program successfully detects a solid list of junk and potentially dangerous programs, which you can see in the list that opens. You can view and remove them completely or partially. When the procedure is over, the program will offer to restart the system for its further correct operation. The presence of a large number of potentially dangerous and garbage programs indicates the need to install the latest version of Windows and update your antivirus.

As a bonus, we offer an activation code for ByteFence Anti-Malware Pro which converts it to the full version. Simply put, along with the program you also get a means for its licensing, all you need for this is in the archive.

Size: 8 Mb

Language: English/Russian

Lease: present (key)

OS: All Windows


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