Steam 64 Bit Download For Free [April 2023]

Steam for Windows

Meet the latest version of the Steam client for the Windows operating system. Even more free games and add-ons, seasonal sales, game news, and live community broadcasts on your computer.

Use the button below on the page to download Steam for Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP for free from the developer’s website. The program runs on OS with 32 and 64 bit, has a Russian language interface, automatically updated and supports video playback and running games in virtual reality mode (you need a VR helmet for that).

Why is Steam for Windows so popular?

The first reason – cheap games and frequent sales. What’s the point of downloading a pirated game full of viruses, when you can buy a licensed game on sale for 50 rubles? For example, GTA 5 was on sale for 19 rubles during the winter break in 2015! It’s even hard to believe in such prices, but they are there!

The second reason is the system of achievements (Achievements) in Steam. For achievements in games (for example, to pass a level without spending a single life) awards are issued, which are displayed in the player’s account. The more awards – the better the account, due to this you get more pleasure from the passing. And for some rewards you can even get unique things (weapons, clothing, items) in games.

Features of the Windows version of the Steam client

  • activation of games without a disk (requires an Internet connection). Activated games can be launched without access to the Internet;
  • Steam Family Library function, through which you can share purchased games with friends and family members. Family Library supports consolidation of up to 5 accounts on 10 different computers;
  • Free transfer of the account to another computer an unlimited number of times;
  • support for online games;
  • communication with other gamers in communities and private messages;
  • Synchronization of game saves and settings with Steam, installed on another OS.


  • Play licensed games over the network on official servers without installing glitchy programs like Hamachi and changing settings of your Windows network adapter;
  • Before you run the game downloaded through Steam, the program checks the relevance of computer video card drivers and the availability of patches on the network, and if it finds them, offers to install them. Without your consent, silently, nothing is installed;
  • Game download speed is the same as through torrents;
  • Problem-free restoration of games and preserves from a backup or from the Steam cloud in case of reinstallation of Windows.


  1. The game news in the program is in English only.

Download Steam for Windows in Russian from the link below.

latest version (2023)

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista compatible

Russian / RUS



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