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Turbo VPN Overview

The popular VPN-service Turbo VPN got a version for the Windows operating system.

Many users know about Turbo VPN – a free VPN service with unlimited traffic, which has hundreds of millions of downloads through Google Play/AppStore and a very decent rating of 4.6 stars. The most popular VPN service in the world has made it, of course, free of charge, for which, however, the user pays by watching ads (but not in the computer version). Until now, it has been an exclusively mobile VPN, which has clients only for Android and iOS and does not provide the use of the service through alternative software. Now the official Turbo VPN client for Windows is available – a new, clearly unfinished, and therefore completely free, requiring no registration, containing no ads and no traffic limitation. This makes Turbo VPN for Windows almost the only completely free service of its kind.

Turbo VPN Features

Turbo VPN has probably the most non-functional client of all existing ones. The simple interface includes an option to choose one of eight VPN servers located in different parts of the world, a connection button, and a choice of one of four interface languages (including Russian and Ukrainian). There is absolutely nothing else there – no settings, no related information, and the menu item responsible for sending feedback to the developers leads nowhere. It is worth mentioning that long-standing mobile clients are also not very functional, but there has always been a set of settings and additional functions.

The absence of advertising and paid subscriptions are two extremely important points. And I need to say right away, apparently temporary. If the mobile version of the app either shows ads or offers a paid rate, there is no such thing here – it is not possible to start a new paid subscription, nor to use an existing one, which the user could have done earlier using the mobile version of the service. Fortunately, there are no ads, either.

In fact, the absence of ads, the possibility of activating paid rates and even basic settings are a consequence of the newness and obvious incompleteness of the Windows-client. In correspondence, the developers say that they are working on the introduction of an additional paid subscription to the client (as in the mobile version), which should significantly expand the range of available VPN servers, it can be expected in the next versions of the program. There’s no word on extending the functionality and including an advertising module in Turbo VPN for Windows, but it’s obvious that the entire functionality will be pulled up to the mobile version’s level in the future.

All in all, the Windows version of Turbo VPN is not the fastest and not the most functional VPN service, but it’s certainly the most free. At least at the moment. We recommend downloading Turbo VPN for computer to those users who need a free service and are willing to sacrifice the convenience of other VPN services.

Attention! Recently, the Turbo VPN client has become overgrown with ads, the number of free servers has decreased, and the speed has decreased. SLO.ru recommends looking at other free VPNs:





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